No... not THOSE Zuck Bucks.

No, not THOSE Zuck Bucks either.

Maybe not as cool as Blockchain Enhanced Distributed Computational Fluid Dynamics Supercomputing Networks, but close enough!

Designed to go up even faster than HEX...basically the Tron to HEX's IOTA!

ZUX is the scam to save you from all the other scams. Are you addicted to being scammed? Find yourself sending money to dozens of Nigerian Princes just hoping that this is the one? Then ZUX is for you! Getting you your fix of crazy promises and stupid-game theory, all without losing (too much) real money! You’ll be wealthier, happier, and your wife won’t leave you (at least not for economic reasons)!

Bitcoin is ok...

Bitcoin is an old (almost 11 years!!!), boring, non-profit (aka: made by poor people who don’t even drive Lambos), possibly already dead, nerdy experiment, aimed at the creation of a decentralized digital equivalent of what was once physical gold: an open, global, permissionless standard for money, free from manipulation by central banks, censorship by nation states or surveillance from orwellian panopticons. You can find more information about it here.

But Bitcoin HEX is better!

HEX is a new, exciting, get-super-rich-super-quick, just-like-Bitcoin-but-better scheme, built on Ethereum (which is itself some sort of new Bitcoin, but clearly better). It was created by a generous Axl Rose look-alike in order to turn you all into billionaires. Unlike Bitcoin, it guarantees huge, fast returns without any risk. You may have already read this kind of promise before, but this time is different, this time it’s for real! Hex is “designed to go higher, faster and retain its value”! You can find more information about it here.

But ZUX BUX is even much better!!

ZUX is an even newer, even excitinger, get-even-richer-even-quicker, just-like-HEX-but-even-better scheme, which takes the innovation introduced by HEX to its logical consequences. It is built based on the state-of-the-art ponzi engine (itself built on top of Ethereum as well, of course!), with some “Zero Knowledge” twist. It’s designed to go even higher, even faster, retaining its value even more! You can find how to get ZUX here.

But your own copy-cat meta-scam is the absolute best!!!

But why stop here? With his flawless logical arguments and his honest availability to Socratic debates, the Axl Rose look-alike has shown us the way and ZUX is just the first step on that road! You could (and should) improve over HEX too, launching the newest, excitingest, get-richest-quickest scheme, designed to go the highest, the fastest! Your imagination is the only limit (well, plus your morality, but we assume you already disposed of that effectively)! You can find how to improve over HEX here.

How to invest in donate to ZUX

That old “moon” meme is lame: are you ready for Proxima Centauri? Just follow these instructions and get shamelessly rich (unless you are a SEC inspector or something like that, in which case please just close down this website and get back to porn). The ZUX scheme is based on the very same, state-of-the-art, ground-breaking smart-contracts of PonzICO. Only, it incorporates some “Zero Knowledge” technology (ZKTech). In particular, unlike it’s opsec-poor predecessor, you will never actually know who you are giving your ETH to. You may suspect something, granted...but you don’t know that. Zero knowledge! Just baseless allegations! Also, there’s another innovation: you can just skip all that “web 3.0” crap entirely and donate sats to this address here instead: bc1qtckjfk26z2lyrskchldegapwf057zpy6tw4lq8. Compared to the very convoluted process of changing your sats into ETH to be sent to some complex smart contract, this would be a great UX improvement. These are, by the way, the two reasons behind the name “ZUX”. The initial “Z” stands for “Zero Knowledge” (and maybe just a little bit also for “Zero Sum” as well), the “UX” part for “Improved UX”. That’s all. No other reason whatsoever for this name.


You will need MetaMask to invest donate. Min 0.001 ETH.

Contract 0x8254241907fae2f4cbe6fc35227c7a38cfffeeb4

How to create your very own HEX clone

It’s a simple process, in 7 easy steps:

  1. Educate yourself about HEX.
  2. Use established monte-carlo methods to randomly select a few minutes to listen to (dear God, not whole 3 hour live-streaming episodes, please!!!) from the youtube channel of the Axl Rose look-alike (we are not going to provide you with the link here: you just have to follow enough idiots on Twitter, some of them will eventually link the channel in your timeline).
  3. Carefully take note of all the gaslighting tactics, the rhetoric tricks, the fallacies, the dissimulated double-standards, the confusing intellectual Rube-Goldberg machines, the unholy hybrids of mellifluous sealioning and aggressive Gish-galloping. Then just embrace them, accept them...and, finally, enhance them! Remember: the same exact “arguments” the Axl Rose look-alike uses to confuse people interested in Bitcoin and to justify his scam, can be used by you to confuse people interested in HEX and to justify your own scam!!!
  4. Focus on some original core idea and build your meta-scam around it. Follow your own creativity, don’t be lazy. Anyway, just in case, here are two possible suggestions:
    • 2HEX: just like HEX, but everything is 2X, that is double (thus obviously better)! HEX promises “over 10,000x returns in under 2.5 years”? You promise to do over 20,000x returns in under 1.25 years! HEX has a built-in mechanism that gives to the Axl Rose look-alike the total control over more than 45% of all the supply from the start and forever, via some “Origin Address”? You deploy a built-in mechanism that gives you the total control over more than 90% of all the supply from the start and forever, via two different “Origin Addresses” of yours! The guy also gets millions worth of ETH in a recurrent ICO disguised as a “donation raising” every single day? Well, guess what, you run two ICOs disguised as “donation risings” every day! HEX passed two “very serious security audits”, but only one is public, since the other is under NDA, just like the “more important” half of the HEX developing team, which is allegedly “kept secret”? You keep both security audits be under strict NDA, just as your full developing team, which you keep entirely secret! Double down, with 2HEX!
    • HErnXt: just like HEX, but a little more honest and a little less aggressive on the money-grabbing part. No “Origin Address” that gives you control over more than 45% of the supply from the start and forever, no daily ETH-based ICO. Just all the remaining HEX nonsense. If what the Axl Rose look-alike says is true, then HEX is already great. Just copy it as is, removing your giant profit entirely. Now you are thinking that such a move would leave you penniless, unable to maintain yourself, let alone the project. Don’t worry. HEX has a huge, vibrant, dedicated community of (secret) active developers. They’ll take care of everything. You just merge and rebase, taking out those “Origin Address” special privileges every time. Show everybody the Importance of Being HErnXt!
  5. Choose your smart-contract cloning strategy, pondering your trade-off carefully:
    • Either you clone the original, complicated HEX smart contracts, downloading them from the website since they are not on github, investing a lot of time demystifying all the useless obfuscation layers of fake complexity, until you finally get to the very core dynamic, changing it to inject your own original improvements (this is advised for very HEX-like scams, like the 2HEX and HernXt examples above);
    • Or you clone something simple, straight-forward, readable, well documented and really open source, like PonzICO, then you easily introduce all the customizations that you want to gift the world with, and finally obfuscate everything with many layers of fake complexity, empty github repos, red herrings, decoys, dead-ends.
  6. Just copy the HEX website (including the logo, the background, the CSS, and possibly some of the funny claims), change it a bit, link it to your carefully crafted smart contracts leveraging the magic of the Web 3.0, and go live.
  7. Profit.

FUCs (Frequently Uttered Criticism)

Possibly coming soon(ish), or maybe not (it depends on how boring Christmas dinners are), a list of all the dishonest talking points used to justify and promote HEX as a Bitcoin-based affinity scam, each one properly explained and debunked.


Or not.


Probably never happening.

Just don’t be an idiot and try to use more than one neuron a the time.